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Makepad’s Frequently Asked Questions

  • Whats the file size limit?

    We have just increased! you can now upload 60mb files max! handy if you have podcasts.

  • How many projects can i make?

    when joining free its free forever , you can create up to 1 project board which you can delete and restart as many times as you like. The pro plan allows you to create unlimited projects for £25 a year

  • Why is there no Team features?

    Makepad is designed and built for individuals , there is hundreds of team built productivity sites that intergrate with tools such as Slack and for us we wanted to build something that was aimed at people without a team to be productive without all the notifications and additional team features that they would never use.

  • what if i come across a problem?

    you can contact us via Twitter or using our online chat feature which you will find at the bottom right of the page and our team will help in anyway we can!